Custom Meal Plan

“The BIGGEST mistake we make is skipping meals, cutting calories, carbs & eating foods low of nutrients that don’t serve our bodies.”       ~jj

 End The Guessing Game, With a Custom Meal Plan

With so many options  WHERE DO YOU START?

LIFE IS BUSY! I get it, as a mom of 2, traveling independent lady boss and National Athlete this train doesn’t slow down much… and when it does the steam is still going. It is important to me to always put my Health first. I know the feeling of being tired and burnt out and will not go down that path again.

~ INSPIRING others,
~ Being the best ROLE MODEL I can be for my children,
~ Living a FIT LIFESTYLE year round, without compromising my body or my budget.

The Best thing I did when starting on my journey was paying attention to what I was fueling with.
Whether your looking to gain energy, shed some unwanted weight or tackle a fitness goal! I have a solution and I am here to support your dream to become your best version of you.


“Since Using Jessica’s Program, I Have Seen The Results That Simple Nutrient Timing Can Provide, It Has Totally Maximized My Performance!” ~ A.F

My results came quickly from 3 main things…


1) Simply choosing the right nutrition to fuel my body with ~ This brought me to a new level!

2) Nutrient Timing ~ Mapping out my meal plan with workouts that support my goals. This simple step can make or stall your results.

3) Having the support to guide me along my journey. Everyone needs a #GoodVibeTribe, I am here to support your healthy lifestyle journey.




The food you fuel with directly impacts your health & wellness. Providing your body with healthy, nutrient dense foods, gives it the necessary nutrients it requires to create new healthy cells, release unwanted toxins, and provide a clean environment to function efficiently.

Healthy Organic foods are rich in all of the vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and fibers, which all help keep you operating at your highest level . Being focused solely on counting calories, will force you to miss out on the glorious journey to be the healthiest version of you!



The nutrition you fuel with, effects your emotional, physical, and mental well being. Being mindful of how and when you fuel your body, will give you the results you desire.

• 3-5­ Nutrient dense macro smart meals/snacks a day
(Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack)
• Track your nutrition (Macros) not your calories
• Eat organic, vitamin rich foods, minerals, amino fatty acids, & fibers

• Drink plenty of water (half of your body weight in ounces)
• Practice mindfulness, gratitude & meditation


Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition favors eating foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Eating natural foods encourages optimal health and well-­being. Being aware of the vitamins, nutrients, fats, and minerals you feed your body is extremely important in practicing a holistic lifestyle.

How can holistic nutrition help you?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well­‐being. By monitoring your nutrition you will experience a number of health benefits:

• Weight loss and weight management
• Disease prevention
• Increased energy levels
• Improved mood
• Better sleep
• Improved skin tone and texture
• Strengthened immune system
• Balanced blood sugar levels
• Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure levels
• Improved digestion

Many chronic illnesses can be prevented, managed and improved using holistic nutrition.

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